Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Some warning, RGB Laserverkoop

I usually don't put any offensive messages online, but this one really upsets me: RGB Laserverkoop is telling that he invented some special pure Diode lasers and also Claims the designe - but it seems that my design was the very original where everyone started copying ist! Now RGB Laserverkoop spreads bad word about Laserworld with untrue Statements etc. ... so see here:

RGB Laserverkoop is offering laser systems they bought somewhere in China. They state that Laserworld would have copied their product and that it would be the same (Diode Series).


The products they refer to from the Laserworld Portfolio, are different:
  • No external fans
  • Switchable Scan-Fail-Safety
  • Standard Interlock Connectors
  • Key Switch
  • Bright 638nm red for increased visibility
  • Sealed-Housing-Technology

In addition to that, Laserworld clearly states that the Diode Series products come with Laserworld factory warranty of two years (see Terms for details)!
Of course Laserworld products are delivered inside the EU as intra community shipment (you don’t pay any VAT if you’ve got a VAT ID Nr.)

So see the real Laserworld products here: Laserworld Diode Series
And see me here :-) : SwissLas Pure Micro Series

So RGB Laserverkoop is wrong. And I'm sure that those Laserworld guys give the best prices for their products!

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