Sunday, August 10, 2014

New Pure Diode brothes and sisters

The past months were super busy and my father at SwissLas worked hard on getting me some new Brothers and sisters with the cool new Pure Diode Technology.
So the new Generation will be Diode-only laser light Systems - I'm fine with that, Technology grows with time.

So everything becomes more powerfull on a smaller footprint. Cool though!
I'm happy that the SwissLas Pure Micro product family is still growing. We're in so many different countries of the world that I don't even know who is where! Quite some guys left for  USA recently, others to Asia. So great to see the development!

I recently met some guys from another laser family, the RTI ATTO guys, and they are very similar to us - but hey, where did they get those fancy shape and housing from?

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